A Pinch of Passion in Every Dish

At Glass Kitchen, we are passionate about food and are excited to share our unique culinary creations with you. Chef Keith Pears brings his creativity and expertise to every dish, using only the freshest local ingredients to ensure a truly memorable dining experience from Brunch to Dinner.

The name ‘Glass Kitchen’ holds a special meaning as it pays tribute to Chef Keith’s beloved grandmother, Jade. Her love and passion for cooking inspired Keith throughout his culinary journey, and her memory continues to guide him in creating incredible dishes. Each creation at Glass Kitchen is a blend of tradition, innovation, and heartfelt memories that Chef Keith has infused into his cooking.

Join us for brunch or dinner and let us transport you to a world of flavour and passion. We can’t wait to share our love for good food with you!


A Journey of passion from his home to his dream.

Food is more than just sustenance—it’s a love that takes us on a passionate journey. That’s exactly how Keith Pears feels about it. Growing up in Vancouver, surrounded by a family of talented chefs, he discovered his passion for cooking at a very young age. His grandma owned a Chinese-Western cafe where Keith would learn and play, soaking in the love, flavours, and traditions that made their food so special. At just 14 years old, Keith started working as a dishwasher and it was then that he knew he wanted to become a renowned chef someday.

In 2005, Keith’s undeniable talent brought him to Watermark on Kits Beach, where he quickly climbed the ranks and became the Executive Sous Chef. With his skillful use of fresh local ingredients and his ability to craft a refined menu, Keith never failed to impress the crowd. Always filled with ambition, Keith moved on to become the Sous Chef at e.b.o. Restaurant in 2009, and eventually, he achieved the distinguished title of Executive Chef in 2014. Along the way, he gained recognition and acclaim in various food competitions, such as Best of the West and Chopped Canada.

In 2017, Keith started a new chapter in his life by moving to Toronto. He joined the esteemed Delta Hotels by Marriott and it didn’t take long for his talents to be recognized. In fact, in 2018, Keith was honoured as the prestigious Continent Americas Chef of the Year.

Keith has gone on to compete in a number of food competitions, most recently, winning the National Selection for Bocuse d’Or. With his extensive expertise, Keith Pears brings an unmatched level of skill, creativity, and dedication to the table.

Legacy Infused Gastro- nomy

The Vision

These days, Keith’s culinary creations at Glass Kitchen are more than just delicious plates of food—they are a reflection of his extraordinary journey from home to achieving his dreams. Each dish tells a story that encompasses Keith’s passion, his achievements, and his unwavering love for food that truly knows no boundaries.